Stop indoor burst pipes before they happen

Avoid a costly indoor burst pipe!

Flexible hoses are commonly used to connect water to your toilets, sink mixer taps, basin taps, basin mixer taps, water filters and some appliances. These hoses are often out of view and easily forgotten. A quick check every few months can identify a hose at risk of failure.

The flexible hose pictured blew into two pieces inside a bathroom cupboard early in the morning. The hoses appeared to be installed correctly and were in a relatively new house! Luckily it was noticed and the water shut off before the water destroyed cupboards, flooring and home contents.

Here are some simple warning signs that your flexible hoses could fail:
- Surface corrosion.
- Excessive movement in hoses when taps are used.
- Excessively tight bends or kinks in the hose.
- Frayed metal braiding.
- Rubber inner tube is visible and bulging.
- Hoses tough or rub on other surfaces
- Water marks, moisture and leaking.

If you have noticed these signs in your home, give us a call to get us out to replace them!

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