Tap repairs and replacements

Leaking, noisy, hard to use taps at your place?

We can service or replace leaking and faulty taps of all kinds. Wall taps, sink taps, basin taps, mixer taps, shower taps, garden taps, bath taps and all other taps. Our range covers all budgets and tastes, From no fuss tap ware that gets the job done to heavy duty commercial to art pieces that will be the center point to any kitchen or bathroom.

A leaking tap can waste hundreds of dollars worth of water in every week! A cost that can not be claimed back. Most tap repairs pay for themselves within weeks and continue to save you money and the wider community the wasted water. Modern tap ware is designed to save water wastage and improve efficiency, talk to us about using less water at your home.

Noisy taps can be heard throughout the home, often waking everyone up in the middle of the night, Especially hard when you’ve got a baby in the house. In extreme circumstances a noisy tap has been seen to effect neighboring properties.

Faulty taps are worth getting fixed early before it causes an emergency at an inconvenient time. If your taps aren’t working as they should get us out to have a look before they fail at midnight on a Saturday.

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